It is very much evident that in one way or the other we are indulging in something that is against the environment and nature. From the use of mobiles to polluting the environment at a large scale with heavy industries, we have done, and we are still doing things that are very much against nature.

The construction sector which is one of the biggest contributors to the emission of greenhouse gases is now concentrating on reducing the emission of Co2  by constructing eco houses and zero carbon emission houses. In this article, we will see how to design eco houses and zero carbon houses.

The necessity

We all know for a fact that the human race is at its peak when it comes to exploiting the natural resources and polluting the environment. We personally think that mankind has totally lost its hope in preserving the earth and this is the very reason why we are planning to shift to another planet. So to make the best out the time that is left it is mandatory to be as eco-friendly as possible.


Even though there are a lot of things that need to be changed to be eco-friendly, when it comes to construction there are a few steps that need to be followed to construct eco houses and zero carbon houses.


Insulation is one of the first things that need to be considered while constructing an eco house. Insulation of the house has a great impact on various aspects. The principle behind this is that if we can reduce the heat gain during the summer and the loss of heat during the winter, we can save a considerable amount of energy.

Performance Windows

Installing performing windows is one of the simple and effective techniques to build an eco house. Rather than using the conventional glass for the windows which has a high energy consumption on the glazed area, the solar glasses can be used which can make the optimum use of energy. The energy that is gained can be used for everyday activities.

Air tightness

Leakage of air increases the heat of the space considerably which renders a feeling of discomfort and ultimately lets us consume energy in one way or the other. It also affects the performance of the building in the long term by building unwanted moisture. A lot of importance must be given to the details to achieve perfect air tightness to the entire building. A simple error will leave the entire procedure ineffective.

Mechanical ventilation

The mechanical ventilation is very much needed to replace the unwanted air that is circulating in the house with the fresh air. If the building has less number of people, it is fine, because just opening the windows is enough. If there are more number of people the amount of heat released in high, hence it is mandatory that you need Mechanical ventilation and heat Recovery system which can ensure the perfect ventilation.