Plumbing work is a very sought after skill as it is needed in pretty much any household or building in the UK. If you are a person who enjoys working with tools and interacting/working with friendly people then this will be the right job for you.

There has been a steady increase in homes being built in the UK which has led to an increase in demand for the plumbing trade. In the UK, it seems that there are never enough plumbers available but many people have opted in a career change as they have begun to see opportunities in construction trades such as plumbing.

The plumbing trade gives you job security and a steady income as well as gives you the satisfaction that you were able to help out people who have had issues with their plumbing.

Not sure about the next step about becoming plumbing? Look no further as this article will guide you towards a new career in the plumbing trade.

Plumber job role

Plumbing duties mainly involve:

  • Installing, maintaining and repairing fixtures and pipes linked with water distribution, cooling, heating and sanitation systems in commercial and residential structures.
  • Installing domestic appliances such as dishwashers, washing machines, sinks, showers and toilets appliances.
  • Performing plumbing system inspections to identify and replace worn parts

Skills needed for a plumbing job

To perform as a successful plumber, you will need to be efficient in the following

  • Knowledge of piping system with the kind of systems needed and how the connections are made
  • The Methodology of inspecting, concluding and troubleshooting an existing plumbing issues
  • The understanding of blueprints and basic knowledge of local and state standard building code
  • The ability to operate, repair and maintain machines and tools

How to qualify as a Plumber

For you to qualify as a Plumber in the UK:

  • Aged 18 or over
  • All GCSE exams completed (grade D or above including maths and English)
  • Sound knowledge of English language and numerics
  • Complete at least the NVQ Level 2 plumbing and heating qualification

Most plumbers begin their career with an apprenticeship and so you will be expected to complete vocational qualifications as part of your training. It will commonly take two to three years to complete the apprenticeship.

However, to secure a modern and fast track access to a plumbing career, you can gain valuable knowledge on the basics and technical hands-on knowledge of this trade through an intense fast track course that can take between 16 to 46 weeks to complete.

Students have benefited from intensive learning as it produces quicker results for them. The pace of teaching will allow you to pick up information that you would have learnt at an apprenticeship.

The Skill’s Training Group is a UK leading heating, electrical and utilities training provider. They provide you with the opportunity to join one of their many plumbing courses for any individual looking to become a qualified plumber in the UK. These courses are especially useful for individuals who are seeking to gain experience in a new career in plumbing to secure a plumbing apprenticeship. For information about the courses provided, the link to the site is displayed below.

Career path for plumbing jobs

Plumbers work on a project basis and are usually paid hourly on the type of work they complete. The average annual salary for plumbers in the UK is £30,000 but the wages increase with more experience and type of tasks completed.

To operate as a plumber in the UK there is no official license needed. After finishing the plumbing course, you should try to complete a short term apprenticeship to learn the practical skills involved in the job.

After completing the apprenticeship and gaining valuable field experience, you have the option to either start off as an individual serviceman or you can get yourself registered with a plumbing contractor

In addition, you can enlist yourself in your local plumbing directory to make your services available to a larger group of people. Yelp is another platform you to enlist on as a lot more people are searching online for plumbing services.

A plumber provides services such as replacing, servicing, installing and fixing commercial and household appliances. A lot of people forget that the job of a plumber is an important one because immediate attention is needed whenever anything gets out of order within a house or building.

Along with any other career, you will need to keep updated with the current market situation such as the new operating tools and their uses. You will also need to continually increase your work attributes from online training courses to earn more out of your workday.